Frequently asked questions

We are a tutoring company catering to global students in various subjects starting from primary to university students. We just don’t tutor the students but also train tutors to reach higher academic teaching skills to add greater value to our students. We use advanced technology tools to help students and tutors to reduce administrative and organising repetitive tasks so they can focus more on the academic goals and innovate in teaching and learning skills and be more productive.

Edu spark is designed for helping students and teachers as well, anyone who want to improve their skills, achieve academic goals, master subject, learn efficiently & effectively, increase creativity, and innovate to reach higher levels can use Edu Spark.

Students from upper primary to university are eligible to   enrol and tutors who teach from primary to university in any subjects with Edu Spark minimum criteria are eligible to join us.

We maintain Quality,efficiency, and academic expertise.

We are not just another choice for your tutoring needs but a company with dedicated and passionate educators who want students to excel and overcome their fears and increase their confidence to reach their academic goals. We employ best practices in education industry, quality tutors and latest technology tools to support you.  As its said “it takes two hands to clap” similarly students & parents play a major role to closely work with Edu spark to be successful.

Our education manager is the one point of contact for students, parents, tutors and admin staff to bring optimisation to your learning process.

To successfully register you need to go through certain tests and analysis to qualify then further instructions will be   sent to your email for final confirmation and create your account on Edu spark. Please email us to initiate registration.

Please contact us on email or Whats App for more information.

Last modified: Tuesday, 23 October 2018, 9:53 PM