Tutoring advanced features

Most of time is consumed in preparation of content and customisation for students on regular basis hence our digital tools enable you to use digital content reuse and customise it quickly without compromising on quality and time. We also support you with content creation with our in-house staff.

Our platform generates individual and group reports which gives in depth insights for teachers to quickly analyse and take necessary course corrections in preparing lesson plans for students.

Quizzes are integrated in to lessons where ever applicable to teach the student and adjust teaching pace and give more examples to make students understand concepts step by step. Assessments are created from our digital pre- prepared question banks which reduces efforts and time for educators.  

Lessons are designed keeping student engagement in mind and many interactive elements are added like quizzes and activities with multimedia content and real-time feedback for practice and improved skills. Augment reality content is in the pipeline to bring virtual things to life and take educational content to next level.

Every student generates lot of data through assessments, quizzes, activities and feedback system etc and analysing and putting the data in meaningful manner to take good advantage of reporting tools leverages teachers productivity and clarity in managing students efficiently.

Due to busy schedules and lack of time sometimes classes are rescheduled or cancelled for appropriate reasons which causes inconvenience for students and teachers hence all updates are sent in real time through emails to make use of time efficiently and productively.

Last modified: Wednesday, 25 April 2018, 1:42 AM